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SXSI/TextCollection.git Succinct Text Index by Veli... 8 years ago
SXSI/XMLTree.git Succinct representation of... 8 years ago
SXSI/libbp.git Succinct balanced parenthesis... 8 years ago
SXSI/libcds.git Compact data structure (bit... 8 years ago
SXSI/xpathcomp.git XPath Library based on tree... 7 years ago
hacks/amisecret.git No commits
hacks/latex/beamer-upsud.git Simple Beamer style with u... 7 years ago
hacks/latex/texmf.git 8 years ago
hacks/simpleWebSlides.git A simple web framework to... 4 years ago
hacks/tiki_of_html.git Small utility to convert html... 8 years ago
hacks/unrof.git Small utility to convert ROF... 5 years ago
tatoo.git Tree Automata TOOlkit 3 years ago