Simplify the automaton encoding a bit (remove redundant predicates in formulae).
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2016-10-12 Kim NguyễnSimplify the automaton encoding a bit (remove redundant...
2016-10-12 Kim Nguyễn* Seal the representation of states
2013-11-25 Kim NguyễnCosmetic changes (truncate long lines, remove trailing...
2013-08-07 Kim NguyễnImplement reverse mapping from preorder to nodes.
2013-07-15 Kim NguyễnRemove the timestamp header in source files. This infor...
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnImplement command line options, clean-up screen output.
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnFlatten the sources, only leave the XPath module packed.