Add a new option to choose tree model at runtime.
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2017-04-17 Kim NguyễnAdd a new option to choose tree model at runtime. master
2017-04-12 Kim NguyễnAdd a compact tree model.
2017-04-12 Kim NguyễnAdd a generic deque module.
2014-01-11 Kim NguyễnRefactor the statistics gathering code in
2014-01-11 Kim NguyễnChange the interface of node_list (fully imperative...
2014-01-10 Kim NguyễnAbstract result sets beind a Node_list interface.
2013-12-08 Kim NguyễnRefactor the run module, moving out of the Make functor...
2013-12-06 Kim NguyễnResurect the HTML trace. Now generates a single HTML...
2013-12-01 Kim NguyễnSplit the formula cache into a top-down and bottom...
2013-11-25 Kim NguyễnCosmetic changes (truncate long lines, remove trailing...
2013-11-08 Kim NguyễnPrint detailed statisticts of the run.
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnImplement the multiple-starters feature:
2013-07-23 Kim NguyễnChange command line options:
2013-07-23 Kim NguyễnImplement copy and composition of automata.
2013-07-19 Kim NguyễnPreliminary work for multiple starters evaluation. refactor/sanitize-ata
2013-07-19 Kim NguyễnRefactor the Ata module:
2013-07-15 Kim NguyễnRemove the timestamp header in source files. This infor...
2013-04-25 Kim NguyễnAdd a clean logger infrastructure.
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnTune the Remakefile to re-run tests when the binary...
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnImplement command line options, clean-up screen output.
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnFlatten the sources, only leave the XPath module packed.
2013-03-14 Kim NguyễnRework the testing script.