2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnUpdate the output of the reference implementation to... refactor/remake
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnRemove un-needed scripts
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnFactorise common bits of Remakefile in tools/ocamldriver.sh
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnRefactor the build process. Piggyback on remake's depen...
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnAdd more tests (broken, needs a refactoring of the...
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnAdd tests for parallel query evaluation.
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnImplement the multiple-starters feature:
2013-07-23 Kim NguyễnChange command line options:
2013-07-23 Kim NguyễnImplement copy and composition of automata.
2013-07-19 Kim NguyễnPreliminary work for multiple starters evaluation. refactor/sanitize-ata
2013-07-19 Kim NguyễnRefactor the Ata module:
2013-07-17 Kim NguyễnSanitize the representation of formula
2013-07-17 Kim NguyễnAdd a bullet symbol.
2013-07-17 Kim NguyễnAdd an int_of_bool cast function.
2013-07-17 Kim NguyễnAdd an interface for the evaluation module.
2013-07-17 Kim NguyễnMake remake change to the directory where ./remake...
2013-07-15 Kim NguyễnRemove the timestamp header in source files. This infor...
2013-07-15 Kim NguyễnFix a bug where the content of variables are appended...
2013-07-15 Kim NguyễnFix a typo which causes mis-detection of the ocaml...
2013-07-10 Kim NguyễnMigrate to new remake.
2013-04-26 Kim NguyễnRemove the 'round' counter from the hashconsed configur...
2013-04-25 Kim NguyễnAdd a clean logger infrastructure.
2013-04-25 Kim NguyễnAdd a bitmap to keep track of whether a subtree needs...
2013-04-25 Kim NguyễnUpdate test results.
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnMake the html trace tools use colors to represent the...
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnAdd a new test suite.
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnCosmetic changes.
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnAdd generated files to the .gitignore.
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnLast tweaking of the Remakefile for automated testing.
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnTune the Remakefile to re-run tests when the binary...
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnUse the Remakefile to perform non-regression tests.
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnImplement command line options, clean-up screen output.
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'feature/precise-sat'
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnHashcons transition evaluation based on node configuration.
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnStore a summary of the node (kind, topology) in the...
2013-04-18 Kim Nguyễnadd OCaml object files to .gitignore
2013-04-18 Kim NguyễnHash-conses each node configuration.
2013-04-18 Kim NguyễnFix the Remakefile and testing script.
2013-04-18 Kim NguyễnMaintain the set of unsatisfiable states.
2013-04-18 Kim NguyễnFix the Remakefile and testing script.
2013-04-18 Kim NguyễnAdd an INSTALL file.
2013-04-18 Kim NguyễnRe-organize the Remakefile.
2013-04-17 Kim NguyễnMake the main target more generic, to allow compilation of
2013-04-17 Kim NguyễnAdd a distclean target that removes every file generate...
2013-04-17 Kim NguyễnModified building instructions.
2013-04-17 Kim NguyễnRemove OCamlbuild related files. Youpi.
2013-04-17 Kim NguyễnAdd the remake and configure infrastructure.
2013-04-17 Kim NguyễnFix remaining compilation bug caused by the refactoring...
2013-04-17 Kim NguyễnAdd configure and remake generated files to .gitignore
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.nguyen.vg/tatoo
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnFlatten the sources, only leave the XPath module packed.
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnFix the build script.
2013-03-23 Kim NguyễnAdd AUTHORS file
2013-03-23 Kim NguyễnPrintout statistics about cache occupation.
2013-03-23 Kim NguyễnSilences the newly introduced K warning (unused functions)
2013-03-18 Kim Nguyễn- Reorder the keys used to cache transitions
2013-03-16 Kim NguyễnDisplay caching and iteration statistics at the end...
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnSimplify transition instead of evaluating them to true...
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnAdd the JAXP reference files to the repository.
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnRework the test script.
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnAdd debugging information to the automaton.
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnModify the testing scripts.
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnCode refactoring:
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnMake the output graph nodes rectangular.
2013-03-14 Kim NguyễnAdd a 'trace' mode (must be enabled at build time)...
2013-03-14 Kim NguyễnWrite the caching module in a more systematic way.
2013-03-14 Kim NguyễnReuse the same cache between different iterations.
2013-03-14 Kim NguyễnRework the testing script.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnMake the program report query execution time and query...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnStaturate the set of state of the current node to avoid...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnReplace the Hashtbl.t used for mapping nodes to state...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnImplement runtime optimisation via Hashing of transitions.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd a caching module.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd xmark benchmarking file.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnRemove spurious debugging messages.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd .. and . to the path syntax.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnRemove git bug related files.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnFix a bug in the handling of processing-instruction...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd support for following and preceding using the usual...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd a kind element to the node tree. Improve support...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnRework the java test program to print out attribute...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnPut the node_kind type into a NodeKind module in the...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnRemove old test files.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd a new test case for comments nodes.
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnAllow the @id syntax in XPath expressions.
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnFix a nasty bug in PtSet module (intersect function...
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnBUG added: [68ad3227c315] following/preceding axes
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnInitialized bug tracker
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnMake the test script less verbose
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnFix descendant-or-self (which wrongly looked for elemen...
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnChange the path to the root directory before attempting...
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnMain program output incorrect xml tags
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnWorkaround lame ocamlbuild issues (symlinks are not...
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnAdd .class files to .gitignore
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnSilence an 'unused variable' warning.
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnHandle compiling the java test program from ocamlbuild too
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnAdd a missing ';' and remove some dead code and outdate...
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'feature/test-suite'
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'feature/attributes'
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnFix the xml_diff program to also check trailing events...