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last changeMon, 17 Apr 2017 12:19:07 +0000 (14:19 +0200)
2017-04-17 Kim NguyễnAdd a new option to choose tree model at runtime. master
2017-04-17 Kim NguyễnPass correct flag to ocamlopt to take care of PIE systems.
2017-04-17 Kim NguyễnAdd Saxon test results.
2017-04-12 Kim NguyễnAdd Saxon benchmark.
2017-04-12 Kim NguyễnAdd Saxon evaluator.
2017-04-12 Kim NguyễnAdd a compact tree model.
2017-04-12 Kim NguyễnAdd a generic deque module.
2017-04-03 Kim NguyễnImplement automaton simplification.
2016-10-12 Kim NguyễnSimplify the automaton encoding a bit (remove redundant...
2016-10-12 Kim NguyễnRefactor pretty printing of transitions and fix some...
2016-10-12 Kim Nguyễnadd .merlin file.
2016-10-12 Kim Nguyễn* Seal the representation of states
2014-04-29 Kim NguyễnRevert the integration of menhir for the time being.
2014-03-17 Kim NguyễnCherry pick use of menhir features from branch feature...
2014-03-03 Kim NguyễnFurther simplify Remakefile. Remove some inefficiency...
2014-03-03 Kim NguyễnRemove passing $NATIVE on the remake command line of...
5 years ago v0.1 Version 0.1 : navigational XPath.
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7 years ago Core+FS_tested Core + following sibling is working...
7 years ago Core Working for the specified core...
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5 years ago feature/fast-multipass
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6 years ago feature/multiple-starters
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