Implement set-theoretic operation on 2WSATA (union, intersection,
[tatoo.git] / tests /
2013-07-25 Kim NguyễnFactor Remakefie and add more tests for parallel query... feature/multiple-starters
2013-07-24 Kim NguyễnImplement the multiple-starters feature:
2013-04-26 Kim NguyễnRemove the 'round' counter from the hashconsed configur...
2013-04-25 Kim NguyễnAdd a bitmap to keep track of whether a subtree needs...
2013-04-25 Kim NguyễnUpdate test results.
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnMake the html trace tools use colors to represent the...
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnAdd a new test suite.
2013-04-23 Kim NguyễnLast tweaking of the Remakefile for automated testing.
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnTune the Remakefile to re-run tests when the binary...
2013-04-22 Kim NguyễnUse the Remakefile to perform non-regression tests.
2013-04-04 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-03-15 Kim NguyễnAdd the JAXP reference files to the repository.
2013-03-14 Kim NguyễnAdd a 'trace' mode (must be enabled at build time)...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnImplement runtime optimisation via Hashing of transitions.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd xmark benchmarking file.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnFix a bug in the handling of processing-instruction...
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnRemove old test files.
2013-03-13 Kim NguyễnAdd a new test case for comments nodes.
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'feature/test-suite'
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'feature/attributes'
2013-03-10 Kim NguyễnAdds a set of testing script:
2013-03-09 Kim NguyễnAdd a new test case.
2013-03-09 Kim NguyễnAdd a test case for attribute handling.
2013-03-08 Kim NguyễnAdd another test case.
2013-03-08 Kim NguyễnActually fix the problems with negation.
2012-10-26 Kim NguyễnMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-06-29 Lucca HirschiQueries and script for testing.
2012-06-28 Kim NguyễnAdd attributes to the test document.
2012-06-28 Kim NguyễnUsable version: